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Since 2017, IEEE Techno Meetup brought you Tech-Knowledge through different topics and modes.

Now is the time, to look back…

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"Did you know NLP can help the disabled"

NLP can convert sign language into text by enabling individuals who are deaf to communicate with those who don’t know sign language.
Also, NLP helps individuals who are non-verbal and has cerebral palsy communicate to interact with others without any hesitation during the conversation.
TMSL - Do you know?


Environment Protection, Sustainability Through Technology
Webinar on Unleashing the Potential of IoT
Human Languages from Machine's Point of View
The Untapped Potential of Game Development
Wireless Grid Integration of EVs for V2G Applications


We are the IEEE Sri Lanka Section Students Activity Committee

IEEE Techno Meetup, the series of meetups organized for the tech-interested audience, including industry professionals and undergraduates, is back for the third time

IEEE Techno Meetup 2017  ended up as a huge success. In appreciation for its contribution, IEEE Techno Meetup 2017 was awarded the “Best Industry Collaborative Project”, at the IEEE Sri Lanka Section Student/YP/WIE Congress Awards Night 2017.

Following the success of 2017, IEEE Techno Meetup continued to 2018 and up to four meetups were organized. Meetups were filled with enthusiastic students and undergraduates and were able to give them an insightful approach to the most impactful trending technologies in the world.


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