Trilingual Video Content Creation Competition

Submission Deadline

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Please read all the rules and guidelines before submitting your video creation


The contestants should make their video content, featuring one or many but not limited to the following topics;

The winners will be selected under two categories from each language.

  • Best category 
  • Popular category

The Best Category winners will be selected by a panel of judges and the Popular Category winners will be selected through a social media voting campaign .

Event Timeline

18th August 2021 Midnight
Contest opens

Trilingual Video Content Creation Competition Starts on 18th August 2021.

12th September 2021 Midnight
Submissions Deadline

Trilingual Video Content Creation Competition Submission ends on 12th September 2021 midnight.

14 Sep. – 18 Sep. 2021
Processing Period

From 14th September to 18th September 2021 is the processing period of Video Contest submission Processing Period.

19 Sep. – 25 Sep. 2021
Assessment and Voting period

From 19th September to 25th September 2021 is the Assessment and Voting period.

26 September 2021 All Day
Winners Notification

Winners will be notified on 26th September 2021

Prize Pool


Best Category

*For each language category.

LKR 5,000

1st Runner Up

LKR 10,000


LKR 3,000

2nd Runner Up

Most Popular Category


LKR 5,000



  • Tech Narrator is open to all the technology enthusiasts in Sri Lanka. You may submit as an individual or work as a team. In the case of a team project, only the leader must submit the video
  • However, one team member cannot be involved in more than one team. If noticed, the whole team will be disqualified
  • Create an original 3-6 minute video that educates and engages the general public on one of the topics given above.
  • Upload your video to YouTube as an unlisted video (Steps are in the instruction and guideline book)
  • Fill out the Tech Narrator Submission Form and paste the youtube link of your video in the given space.
  • Judging criteria will be based on
    1. Content (60%)
    2. Creativity/Innovation (20%)
    3. Presentation (20%)
  • Top videos will be shortlisted and will go on to be judged by our panel of experts and will be published on social media for the most popular video contest.
  • The decision made by the judging panel will be the final decision.
  • All the contestants will get emails stating whether the video has been approved or rejected
  • One contestant/Team can only submit one submission.
  • Yes. If there is inappropriate content, use of copyrighted materials without author consent, problems with length, lack of the appropriate forms, or disregarding the general guidelines, we will have to disqualify your entry.
  • Yes. You can submit videos created before as long as the video is under the given eligibility criteria and original work. However, you CAN NOT submit videos that have been entered in any other previous or ongoing contests/Competitions.
  • Yes, you can post/Share your video project on your social media.
  • You can always reach IEEE Techno Meetup Social media pages and contestants can drop a direct message to WhatsApp group Admins. All the contestants will be added to a WhatsApp group. Contact the IEEE Techno Meetup Facebook page if you submitted your project and haven’t been added to the WhatsApp group.
  • Yes, the Contestant can use other languages besides the chosen language in special case scenarios. 
    1. Ex: Using technical terms that cannot be expressed in the chosen language

General Guidelines


  • Tech Narrator is an open competition to all the Sri Lankan technology enthusiasts.
  • Contestants can be either individual or Team-Based.
  • The video should address one of the topics given above.
  • The video should not have competed in previous competitions/Contests.

Video Content

The video should,
  • Consists of voice narration.
  • 3 – 6 minutes in length.
  • Be original and must not contain copyrighted material unless consented by authors.
  • Uploaded to YouTube as an unlisted video with a minimum of 720p quality.


  • Entry form must be filled accurately and should be provided with all the necessary details and attributions to the used materials.


Best Category

  • Entries will be shortlisted and will be submitted to the judging panel for further evaluation. The judging will be based on content, creativity, and presentation.

Popular Category

  • Selected videos will be published on the social media platform for one week.
For a vote to be accepted the following should be met:
The Facebook post should be liked
The IEEE Techno Meetup Sri Lanka page should be liked
*Download Tech Narrator Guideline Book for detailed Instructions and guidelines*

Example Videos

Contact Us

  • The contest’s full information packages will be made available online, such as the IEEE Techno Meetup Sri Lanka website and social media.

  • Information about the contest will be published in the Sri Lanka Section newsletter if its publication date matches the contest schedule.

  • Point of contacts for further information and enquiries: