A series of Meetups organised by the focusing on the tech-interested audience, including industry professional and undergraduates.  Then we are back with the Third Time Meetup of IEEE Techno Meetup 2018/19.

IEEE Techno Meetup is launched with the goal of providing knowledge and networking opportunity for the undergraduates with the industry professionals. In this program, a meet-up series will be organised for the Tech interested appropriate calibre in Sri Lanka in the field of novel Technologies. At the end of this series, we aim to enlighten undergraduates of the country about newest technologies used in the industry and to motivate and prepare themselves for the technical and managerial issues that they would have to face in the future.

Over the past years, technology has transcended poverty, race, and economics to become a driving force in the lives of people across the world. The Sri Lankan technology field is also booming. We really need tech giants to emerge out of this place for the sake of our country. Imagine producing tech pioneers of our country whose contributions will be inevitably essential to our everyday lives. If anything, that is where the technology boom should head towards.